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Khan Academy Annual Report 2017

Hello from Sal

Millions of people around the world use Khan Academy to learn and to improve their lives. We’re inspired by their hard work and thankful to the supporters who make it possible.

In school, out of school — all around the world — Khan Academy is helping kids learn

Students celebrated learning in LearnStorm, our first-ever national education challenge

LearnStorm is a back-to-school challenge that helps teachers and students in grades 3-12 overcome summer learning loss and start the school year strong. In 2017, thanks to support from AT&T, GM, and Carnegie Corporation of New York, LearnStorm rolled out in all 50 states to more than 23,000 teachers and nearly one million students.

Practicing for the SAT on Khan Academy is associated with significant score gains

Research shows studying for the SAT for 20 hours on Khan Academy is associated with an average score increase of 115 points, nearly double the average score gain of students who don't use Khan Academy. We're proud to work with our partner, the College Board, to level the playing field with Official SAT Practice.

SAT data from March 2016 - March 2017
* Average score growth between PSAT and SAT

When my teachers introduced me to Khan Academy, I was so happy that it was free. The website was simple, straight to the point, and it really helped me with problem solving.” - Matthew, Khan Academy Learner

Khan Academy empowers teachers

Imagine a classroom where students can learn at their own individual pace. The teacher knows just where they are stuck and has time to provide one-on-one attention. Khan Academy’s teacher tools empower teachers like Brooke Hogan from Long Beach Unified School District to create those sort of classrooms. Long Beach Unified is a district with traditionally underserved and underrepresented demographics and one of a growing number of school districts across the country and around the world partnering with Khan Academy.

100%free LSAT prep

We announced Official LSAT Prep

In 2017, we partnered with the Law School Admission Council, the maker of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). We’re happy to share Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep, the first free and official prep for the LSAT. Aspiring law students can now build the skills and confidence they need to succeed on the LSAT - and it’s 100% free.

By the Numbers

“I came to know about Khan Academy when I was in high school. Now I am in college, and I am so glad to have Khan Academy by my side to inspire and support me.

Because of you, I have started to believe that yes, ANYONE CAN LEARN ANYTHING. Thanks so much.”

– Pranjali, Khan Academy Learner

Khan Academy by the numbers

60million+ registered users
(up from 50 million in 2016)

Nearly 12million learners every month
(up from 8 million in 2016)

Content in more than30languages with more on the way

Nearly 10billion practice problems completed by our students since launch


$4,752,439General and administrative, including fundraising $32,322,936Program

Total: $37,075,375*

* includes Duck Duck Moose, does not include Khan Academy India

Sources of Funding

13%Corporate gifts10%Community donors17%Earned income58%Foundation and individual gifts2%Other

Total: $53,490,148

Looking Ahead

“We’ve already grown from having deep, effective personalized practice and instruction in math to a comprehensive interactive experience spanning core academic subjects and grades from pre-K to early college. We are pushing to build richer, even more robust content and tools for kids who want to learn and those who want to help them.

We’ve seen the power of bringing Khan Academy into the classroom. In this next year, we are building on that success by being even more focused on how we can support teachers to supercharge learning in the classroom. Everyone should have access to the education they need to achieve their dreams.”

– Ginny Lee, President and COO

Building for students and teachers around the globe

Deepening our international footprint

We’re proud that Khan Academy is used in more than 190 countries around the world. We continue to invest in tools to make it possible for Khan Academy to be localized for learners and teachers globally. Outside the US, we’re particularly focused on growing Khan Academy’s reach and impact in India, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, largely through partnerships with local school systems.

190+countries around the world


Anjali, a Khan Academy learner in India, has overcome many barriers to education and become an inspiration to her classmates.


We’re honored to help 2.6 million Brazilian students pursue their dreams.

Thank you very much for inventing this platform… Thanks to Khan Academy my grades went up significantly, so much so that I help my classmates."

- Mauro, Khan Academy Learner (Mexico)

We have content and resources for 14AP courses

More resources for AP courses

We offer thousands of practice questions, videos, and articles for AP courses, including AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Government and Politics. Our AP resources are created and reviewed by experts, including AP teachers, PhD subject experts, and AP exam readers. We will be offering even more resources for AP courses soon. Stay tuned!

Launch of Khan Academy Kids for ages 2 to 5

This summer, look for Khan Academy Kids, a new mobile app for early learners. Built by our award-winning early learning team, the app features original animated characters and standards-aligned interactive activities to help prepare children for kindergarten and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Why We Give

“I am thankful that Khan Academy is provided for free, and I will continue to donate monthly to ensure that others will have the opportunity that I did.”

– William, Khan Academy Learner

Our community of supporters provides education to unlock human potential

Thanks to our Supporters

“In this last year, I saw Khan Academy help teachers transform their classrooms, empower children to learn regardless of their access to a school, and enable students to improve their scores on critical exams like the SAT.

As proud as I am of these results, they are only possible because of your support. Thank you for being part of making access to a high-quality education a reality.”

– Ann Doerr, Board Chair

Your support changes lives and improves the world. Thank you for being part of bringing a world-class education to people everywhere.

Leadership Support

Board of Directors
Ann Doerr (Chair)
Dan Benton
Larry Cohen
Curtis Feeny
Sal Khan
James Manyika
Ted Mitchell
Sean O’Sullivan
Global Advisory Board
Scott Cook
John Doerr
Bill Gates
Jorge Paulo Lemann
Craig McCaw
Susan McCaw
Signe Ostby
John Overdeck
Laura Overdeck
Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor
Laurene Powell Jobs
Eric Schmidt
David Siegel
Carlos Slim
Ratan Tata
Thought Leadership Council
Russlyn Ali
David Coleman
Linda Darling-Hammond
Arne Duncan
Curtis Feeney
Anne Finucane
Thomas Friedman
Mark Hoplamazian
Michael Horn
Walter Isaacson
Amy Jarich
David Kelley
Wendy Kopp
Matt Larson
William McCallum
Henry McCance
James Nondorf
Deborah Quazzo
Todd Rose
Stu Schmill
Sandy Speicher
Fareed Zakaria

Current leadership as of June 1, 2018

Lifetime Giving

$10,000,000 and above
Bank of America
Dan Benton
Ann and John Doerr
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Fundação Lemann
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
College Board
The O’Sullivan Foundation
Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor
Fundación Carlos Slim
Valhalla Charitable Foundation
Windsong Trust
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999
J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation
Amgen Foundation
The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
Raymond and Barbara Dalio
The Walt Disney Company
Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum
Reed Hastings
The Leona M. & Harry B. Helmsley   
Charitable Trust
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Law School Admission Council
The Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation
MiSK Foundation
Omidyar Network
Overdeck Family Foundation
Eric and Wendy Schmidt
Siegel Family Endowment
Skoll Foundation

2017 Supporters

$1,000,000 and above
Amgen Foundation
Bank of America
College Board
Ann and John Doerr
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Law School Admission Council
Fundação Lemann
MiSK Foundation
Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor
Fundación Carlos Slim
Valhalla Charitable Foundation
Windsong Trust
$500,000 to $999,999
The Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation
The O'Sullivan Foundation
Overdeck Family Foundation
Siegel Family Endowment
$250,000 to $499,999
49ers Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
General Motors Foundation
Kung Guerra Foundation
Mark and Debra Leslie
The Smith Family Foundation
$100,000 to $249,000
Raymond and Barbara Dalio
Milner Global Foundation
Qatalyst Partners

A special thanks to the more than 530 Learners Fund members worldwide for their impact…

Founders’ Circle: $50,000-$999,999
Corbett Family Charitable Foundation Inc
Falconwood Foundation
Jeff Dean & Heidi Hopper
Pat House
Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation
Umesh Maheshwari & Temina Madon
The Rimora Foundation
Hilary Valentine
Advocates’ Circle: $25,000-$49,999
John & Eileen Donahoe
Don & Lorraine Freeberg Foundation
Bennett & Meg Goodman
Joel Holsinger
Joyce Foundation
Burton D. Morgan Foundation
Amy Rao
Peter-Pike & Meg Sloan
Stiles Nicholson Foundation
Nancy B. Tunney
Friends’ Circle: $1,000-$24,999
Janet Abraham
Russell K. Achzet
Don Addis
Peter Adeney
The AE Family Foundation
Romita Shetty & Nasser Ahmad
Karen Albers
Othman Alikhan
All Children's Clinic
John Allen
Ahmed AlSager
Rohit Ambekar
Bimal Amin
Anika Anders
Ross Annable
Archana Annamaneni
Robert Antunovic
AQR Capital Management, LLC
Fabian Armendariz
Karen L. Arnold
Sudhanshu Arya
Stuart Atkins
Beth Austin
Elliott Badgley Foundation
Pankaj Baid
James H Baldas
Vivek Baliga
Zackary Banegas
The Brett Barakett Foundation
Barker Foundation
Allison & Brett Barros
Polly Barry
The Robert J. Bauer Family Foundation
Jim Beaver
W. Douglas Beck
Sara Beckman
Kristina & Joe Belfiore
Mohan & Shamal Beltangady
The Benida Group
Steven Bennetts
Dave & Mary Bernauer
W. Earle & Nicole K. Betts
Sunit Bhalla
Swapna P. Bhuvanagiri
Aneta Bilkova
Eric & Cara Bingham
Ofori Boateng
Taras Bobrovytsky
Bill Bogstad & Lenore Cowen
Melody J. Bollay
Steve Bougon
Rory Boyle
Travis Bragg
Hannah & Norbert Blechner Memorial Fund
Belinda Badcock Brito
Peter & Lane Britten
Eliza Brown
Luke Buettner
Gretchen Burke
Wiliam Burwell
Gale Butcher
Josh Cai
Keith & Bernadette Casey
Patricia Casey
Castelloe Family Foundation
Gloria Castillo
Gail Caulkins
Susan L. Cavagnaro
Frank Cerisano
Matt Cerney
Myoungil Cha
Frank Chance
Lisa Chandler
Andy Chase
Brian Chau
Bruce & Gail Chizen
Kareem Choudhry
Nazia Choudhury & Paul Krause
Sanjay Chouksey
Chinh Chu
Christopher Church
Christophe Churet
Jon & Diane Claerbout
Brian & Beth Clymer
Cobalt Horizons Corporation
Cohn & Wolfe
Julie S. Coiron
The Cole Family Foundation
Colegato Foundation
Julie Coleman
James Colen
Michael Conway
Graham Cook
Francis Ford Coppola
John Corbitt
Judy Coulon
Simone Coxe
Cranaleith Foundation
Susan Creane
Bill & Tammy Crown
Brian Czekanski
Peter Daly
Amod Dani
Aniruddha Dasgupta
Thomas W. Davidson
Shaju Davis
Gretel De Paepe
Rishi Dholakia
Zarna Dhruv
Yogesh Dhruv
Diamond Hill Capital Management
Marshall Donnelley
Bill Donovan
Kevin Driscoll
Benjamin Duffy
George Eberstadt
Roger Elias
Donald Estberg
Jonathan Evans
Micheal Thomas Faber
Curtis Feeny
Matthew Feinberg
Miguel A Fernandez
Win Fitzpatrick
John Fogg
Theodore Ford
Michelle Foster
Albert Foster
Novogradac Rivers Foundation
Sidney E. Frank Foundation
Henry Frankel
Suzanne Frey
Jacques Friedman & Carolyn Surgent
Jennifer & Abe Friedman
Ann B. & Thomas L. Friedman Family Foundation
Greta Fruhling
Lyla M. Fujiwara
Phil Fulks
Abdul Gaffar
Andrea Gallagher
Ramana Murthy Gandham
Saicharan Gantla
Andres Garcia Mirantes
General Atomics
Brendan & Julie Geoghan
Alexandros Giannou
Alex Gipson
Chris Gklaros-Stavropoulos
Brent Gmeinder
Laura Gold
Steven Goldstein
Rodolfo Gonzalez
Jared Goodman
Drew Goodman & Myra Rubin
Nina Goodwin
Vibby Gottemukkala
Helen Gould
Anthony Gould
Srinivasan Govindaraji
Grant Me the Wisdom Foundation
Stuart Gray
Kent Green
Greystone Foundation
Yair Grinberg & Elizabeth Coyle
Ranjeet Grover
Nancy F. Guinn
Kristin Gulledge
Sheldon Hall
John Hallick
Nicolas Hamatake
Waheed Hamid
The Hamlin Family Foundation
The H& Foundation
Zachary Harl
Scott & Gigi Harrell
Nancy Harris
Richard & Janet Hart
Jay D. Hatfield
Michael & Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Tracy Heath
Janaina Hees
The Per & Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation
Glen Heinrich-Wallace
M. Cooper Heinz Giving Fund
Dick Heiser
Constance Heldman
Theodore Henigson
Riley Hester
Bridget Hill
Chris Hite
Quang C. Hoang
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hobbs
Robert W. Hoke
Ken Holden
Josh Holladay
James & Meredith Hollis
The Holmes Family Foundation
Chris Honcik
Carolyn Hou
Ron & Cheryl Howard Family Foundation
Fang Yun Hsu
Sophia Huai
Shanghai Huazhi Enterprise Management Consulting
JoAnn Huber
Hull Family Foundation
Chris Hupman
Quang Huynh
Vijay & Madhu Ijju
The Informatics Applications Group
International Society for the Advancement of Software Education
Ronen Israel
Denise & Peter Jackson
Kajri Jain
Jerome Janicki
Sam Jenkins
Rhonda D. Jenkins
Ashutosh & Ujwala Joglekar
Aditya Joshi
Forrest Henson Jr.
Sacha Judd
Susan Marie Kairalla
Philip & Miranda Kaiser
Aruna Kale
Priya Kaneria
Purav Kapadia
Igor Kaplansky
Edward Karrells
Alexi Karuna
Susan S. Kelly
Maria & Timothy James Kennedy
Amit Khetan
Min Hee Kim
Beth Kirkhart & Victor Yodaiken
Ficus Kirkpatrick
Philip Kirsh
Tom Klein
Jeffrey Knauth
Nick Kogelman
Mandy Kong
Andrew Konopacky
Takashi Kousaka
Kristina & Kevin Krcil
Hunter Kreie
Bernard & Wendie Kroll
Chen Szu Kuei
Odie Kuiper
Vandana Kulkarni
Ashish Kumar
Uday Kumar
Kanupriya Kumar
Matthias Kunze
Jonathan Kupferman
Martin Kusik
Chris L'Hommedieu
Claire Lackner
Wing Lam
Alessandro Landi
Bruce & Kate Langsen
David & Maria Langworthy
Jackson Lautier
Curtis Lee
Daniel Lee
Elliot Lee
Lennon-Keegan Family
Leonard Charitable Foundation
Richard Leonetti
Vincent Leung
Linda Levine
Cyril Levy-Marchal
Richard Lewis
David Li
Jayman Lin
Lin Family Foundation
Linda & Paul Charitable Fund
Kevin Lo
Joy lock
Michael Lougee
Jose Luna
Roosevelt & Raquel Luster
Mark Lutkenhouse
Kathryn Lyons
Benard L. Maas Foundation
Tommy Macdonald
Raghavachari Madhavan
Mayumi Maeda
Mahmoud Mahmoud
Makers Technology
Chetan & Mrunal Mangalwedhe
Angelo Maniquis
Arnav Mariwala
Brian Mark
Kevin Marrinan
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Martin
Nancy Marx
Cecilia & Olof Mases
Ashutosh Mauskar
Donald Maxted
The Dick & Diane May Foundation, Inc.
Andy McCarthy
Steve McGowan
Francis McGrath
Gerald McMahon
Paul E. Berger
Ashish Mehra
Ben Menasha
Robert Mendoza
Greg Menke
Vijay Menon & Emily Menon Bender
Marshal Merriam
Mildred Merrick
Jane & Randy Merrill
Harlene Michaels
Micron Technology Foundation
Phillip Miller
Vipul Minocha
Mira Misra
Nidhi & Sanjeet Mitra
Hamid & Christina Moghadam
Hadi Monavar
Brian Joseph Moore
Joe Morgan
Andrew B. Morgan
Charles Hosmer Morse Foundation
Dan Moss
Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani
K. Merrick Mundahl
Nancy Munro
Chandrika Murthy
Siddharthan Muthaiyan
Daniel Nall
Vandana Nallamothu
Vasant Narasimhan & Srishti Gupta
Benbuck Nason
Anh Tuan Nguyen
William Niebuhr
Alessandro Nocivelli
Patricia M. O'Brien
Richard & Linda Offerdahl
Guillermo Olvea
One Source Discovery
Mondrell Oz
Tom Pan
Anurag Pandit
Manish & Meeta Pandya
Barbara Parker
Roopen Patel
Urmi Patel
Christopher Pawlak
David Payne
Lisle Payne
Daniel Peale
Fred Pensotti
Alan Pierce
Robin Pimentel
Nicholas Pinto
Chris Pirie
Bernadine K & Joseph D Poltis
Russell Prag
Saikrishna Prakash
Srinivas Prasad
Robey Price
Prologis Foundation
The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Abhay Puri
Afzal Abdul Rahim
Naz & Zak Rahman
Neeraj Rai
Ananda Rajagopal
Anita A. Ramachandran
Raghavendra D. Rao
Ezi Rapaport
Deborah Ravanzo
Douglas D. Redelman
Geoffrey S. Rehnert
Revolutions Per Minute
Tim Reynolds
RF Foundation
John Rickelman
Julian Rivera
The RJ Family Fund
Henry Robinson
Robinson Family Foundation
Roger & Thea Rock
Josh Rogers
Nick Rohan
Jose Rosa
Zachariah Rosenberg
Donald Rosenfeld
The Rustici Family
Gary Sachs
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Sahlman
Avi & Leah Sanders
Kenneth & Yolanda Sanders
Tamara Sanderson
Akimitsu Sano
Aditi Sawhney
William Schmicker
Nicholas Charles Schoch
John Schostek
Jeff Schroeder
Michael Schulman
The Irving & Ann Schwartz Memorial Fund
Kevin Scott
Anna Scott
Aaron Seibold
Suresh Sethuraman
Dharmesh & Neha Shah
Krishnan Shah Family foundation
Javeid Shalla
Nan Shao
Marjorie Shapiro
Anup Sharma
Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund
Mark Silverman
Taranbir Singh
Rhandeev Singh
Dennis Sisco
Harold Skolnick
Louis & Mary Kay Smith Family Foundation
Steven Snow
Jennifer Sokoloski
Debbie Sonenblick
Ziad Sous
Peter Spaans
Sandy Speicher
Vivienne & Josh Spoerri
James Willingham Sr.
Maya Srivathsan
David & Elizabeth Steinglass
Eleanor Asher Stellyes Charitable Remainder Trust
STEM Action Fund
Peter Stern & Susan Abdalla
Sternberg Charitable Foundation
Barbara Stillwell
Geoffrey Stirling
Mark Stoermer
Fred & Maureen Strasheim
Stuart Stuart
John Stubbs
Paula Sturman
Rajesh Subramanian
Mr. & Mrs. James Svede
John & Kathleen Sweazey Foundation
Daniel Tabuenca
Janis Tanimoto
Mark Taparauskas
David M. Tate
Ramon Teran
Teshinsky Family Foundation
James Thomson
Hans Thurnauer Charitable Lead Trust
Julian Thurston
Fab Tillier
Ashley Timmer
Rick Tinsley
Nicolas Troncoso
Tsao Family Charitable
Nancy B. Tunney
Twin Chimney Inc.
Abe Usher
Le Hoang Tu Van
Christian Vanek
Christian Vanek
Dimitrios Vardoulakis
Hal Varian
Vijay Varkhedi
Bernardo Vieira Hees
Michael Viren
Sujatha Viswanathan
The VMware Charitable Foundation
Hans & Stephanie Wach
Luke Wagner
Gerald & Veronika Walton
Alice Wang
The Warren Family Charitable Fund
Craig Watkins
Paul Waxman
The Bob & Georgia Lyon & Linda Weinert Fund
Wells Family Foundation Trust
Graham Weston
Josh & Nyrhee Westrum
Matthew Wheelock
Samuel White
Jordan White
Christopher White & Beti Cung
Whitewoods Charitable Foundation
Cynthia Whitley
Wendalin Whitman
Mark Wiedman
Wille Family Foundation
William Blair
Bart Wilms
Ryan Wilsey
The Windhover Foundation
Jill Wiseman
Lynda & Stewart Resnick
Colleen Wong
Warren Wong
Greg Wong
Blair Woodbury
Stacy Woodruff
John Wookey
Stanley Yamane
Kiyoung Yang
Tasi Young
Alice Young
Young Pearl Education Foundation
Lawrence Yu
Dr. Joon Yun
Peter Zhang
Yinghua & Edward Zhou
William Ziesmer
Gerald Zima

*Learners Fund members are Khan Academy supporters who give $1,000-$100,000 in a year.

Full List

Plus our 100,000 community donors and the many contributors and volunteers who’ve dedicated their time, energy, and expertise to helping Khan Academy.

We strive to be as accurate as possible when recognizing our supporters. If you notice a mistake, please contact us at